Monday, March 4, 2013

Oh, the weather outside is #(#$(%&#$(%^(@($#$(^@($!

Ah, March.  In like a jack@$$, out like a lamb. 

I went to swim class with Darcy tonight.  Swim class, you ask??  Hochhalter, don't you already KNOW how to swim??  Heck yeah, I do!  I went through junior life saving and I can not only save your butt, I can take my jeans off in the water before I do it!!  "Swim class" is Karen, Darcy & Phil-speak for water aerobics.  The three of us joined the YMCA last February specifically to do water aerobics.  Needless to say, we're not really exercise people.  In fact, I think I'd rather watch Wayne Newton sing an hour of MC Hammer's greatest hits than exercise.

You know, I never actually wanted to touch that.  Ugh.

We had to have some sort of exercise program in place before we had surgery and we thought water aerobics would be the least abhorrent of the forms of exercise available to us.  Our mantra is, "We're not exercising, we're swimming.  We are not at a gym, we are in a pool." Well, it turns out it's not as detestable as we thought it might be and there are a bunch of regulars who make it a fun social hour in addition to exercise.  I must be fun if we're all still doing it a year later.

If only we were this coordinated

After swim class I came back to Darcy & Phil's and decided that, in light of the 10" of snow we're supposed to have by tomorrow morning, I will be sleeping over.  Monday it took me an hour to go the 18.1 miles from my house to work.  This morning it was an hour and 10 minutes.  From here it's less than 5 miles and it's all on surface streets--no highway!! 

MAN, Highway 100 is a BEYOTCH this morning!!! 
Well, I think I'll be off to bed now to make sure I'm rested for tomorrow's drive to work.

'Til next time.