Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Eight is Enough

Eight times.  I wish I hadn't heard that.  The first episode of the Couch to 5K podcast has eight running segments.  The first time I did episode 1 I didn't hear that part so I had no idea how many there were.  Yesterday I heard it and then (of course) I was counting.  Good grief but that made it drag!!  But I kicked it's butt and finished it.

Of course, when I say "eight times", the 80s kids out there will be reminded of the principal in "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" when he says Ferris has been absent "nine....times..."

This guy's smarmier than the principal in "The Breakfast Club"!

Between that and swim class I'm SORE.  My coworker Louise asked, "But don't you LOVE that feeling?  I LOVE that feeling!!"  She also LOVES soup with tripe in it, and probably durian fruit, so I'm not taking her advice on things to love.  Heh.

Even Andrew Zimmern of Bizarre Foods won't eat durian and THIS guy eats EYEBALLS!

Anybody have any suggestions on other fun things to do that are exercise but...aren't?  I'll take any ideas you have.....

Also, I'd like to use this blog to share recipes.  If you have any healthy recipes that still taste good (heh), pass them on!  High protein ones like fish, seafood and chicken are the best for me--with veggies as the co-stars.  I love to cook but old standbys like Velveeta mac & cheese aren't going to cut it in my new tummy for a bunch of reasons and I'm sure you intelligent people can figure out what they are.  :)


'Til next time,

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